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vimec VIMEC S.r.l. - is the largest European industrial manufacturer, which specializes in designing and production of carrying and lifting equipment for low-height constructions and also equipment for providing invalids and handicapped groups of people with an environment without barriers.

In 1980 in Luzzara city it was built a cottage lifts and elevators production plant VIMEC, which for the last 30 year became one of the leaders of the European market in production of home lifts, cottage lifts, elevators for invalids and individuals with disabilities. VIMEC makes a full cycle of lifts and elevators production, starting from designing, producing and testing developmental prototypes and finishing with the individual and serial manufacture of equipment.

In the production line of VIMEC there are:

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Stairlift V64

The Vimec V64 stairlift with platform guarantees accessibility to public and private buildings, representing a solution that is increasingly sought out by disabled individuals because, together with the proven reliability and safety, it has compact dimensions and is easy to use.

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Stairlift V65

The Vimec V65 platform stair lift is the product that solves large and small differences in height: Vimec has in fact installed systems with several tens of metres of curved guide, always respecting the aesthetic of the space, ensuring maximum reliability for the disabled and for wheelchair users.

The V65 platform stairlift with straight rail is available in three models:
standard - with reduced platform dimensions (mm 830 * 770) for installation on constrained stairs and landings;
large - with a wider platform (mm 1050 * 770) for wheelchairs with specific space requirements;
extralarge - with an oversized platform (mm 1250 * 800) to meet all movement needs.
The assembly of the V65 does not require any architectural intervention on the existing structure and does not interfere with the interior design style.
Thanks to the latest-generation power supply unit that guarantees outstanding energy saving, the V65 recharges its batteries during descent, maintaining unrivalled standards of comfort and quiet operation.
The V65 stairlift with platform is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation, thanks to the design features that ensure maximum durability and best performance in less than optimal conditions.
The V65 has radio controls, state-of-the-art active and passive personal protection devices, and retractable safety bars to save space when parked.
Browse the brochure to discover the V65 stairlift with platform, at the cutting edge for reliability and durability, together with personal safety and comfort so valued by the families that have chosen Vimec.
Only Vimec can boast more than thirty years of experience and over 90,000 units designed and installed: contact us for a free visit and an obligation-free estimate.

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S10 platform lift

The home can only be enjoyed in full when it is completely comfortable. Vimec can help you overcome minor level differences between floors in the home or ensure easy access to public premises. This solution can be installed:
either at home (to aid access to the various areas of the house or to facilitate the mobility of a disabled occupant on a wheelchair), ensuring the maximum domestic comfort;
or in a condominium (a classic situation in Italy, i.e. three or four steps leading to the ground floor of the building, can be solved perfectly by installing a platform lift);
or to access a store/office/restaurant obstructed by a minor level difference.

Мобильный гусеничный лестничный подъемник T09 ROBY

Подъемник T09 Roby предоставляет пользователям неповторимый комфорт, удобство и безопасность.

Идеально подходит для применения в тех местах, где отсутствуют стационарные подъемники. T09 Roby дает возможность людям в инвалидных креслах легко, быстро и комфортно преодолеть архитектурные барьеры с одним сопровождающим.

T09 Roby разработан и построен для перемещения по лестницам всех видов, а благодаря специальному гусеничному приводу отсутствует вероятность повреждения лестниц.

T09 Roby оснащен суперсовременным регулируемым приводом с управлением Tratogetronic, который гарантирует постоянную скорость движения во всех режимах работы. Передвигаясь вверх или вниз, полностью загруженный или пустой, подъемник T09 Roby вселяет душевное спокойствие и уверенность пользователю.

Система электронного управления уменьшает риск отказов и износ механизмов подъемника, гарантируя долгую и превосходную работу. T09 Roby оснащен также и ручным управлением, которое позволяет сопровождающему без особых усилий возвратить пользователя обратно на этажную площадку в случае возникновения нештатной ситуации.

Мобильные подъемники T09 Roby изготавливаются индивидуально и обеспечивают удобное и безопасное пользование и для человека в инвалидном кресле и для его сопровождающего, который будет приятно удивлен легкостью управления подъемником.