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Orona S. Coop.
Configurator for the elevator trim
ORONA S. Coop. is the largest elevators producer in Europe according to the data of the year 2008(more than 17 000 kits, 70 000 sq.m of production facilities). It is 3867 persons,  sales level in 2008 was 578,6 millions of euro, sale network in 85 countries and more than  100.000 elevators in Europe are in the maintenance of the company.

The company is developing continually and the figures show this: the investment of capital in manufacturing in 2008 accounts for 98,7 million euros and it is 200% more than in 2007. More than 100 persons form the research department of the company. The headquarter of the enterprise locates in Spain, San Sebastian (industrial area  "Lastaola- Jernani – Guipuzcoa",

The company produces a wide range of elevators: electric elevators with the top machine room, without machine room, hydraulic: as for passengers as well as freight elevators, for automobiles, panoramic elevators. The distinctive feature of ORONA company is reliability, which includes reliability of the equipment, dates of conveyance, technical support, warranty and post warranty service.

This equipment has some advantages over the other producers: dates of delivery- it takes from 10 to 13 weeks from the moment of signing contract to the delivery of the elevator to your facility. The manufacturing of the elevator itself is implemented in Spain and takes 8 weeks. Also it is necessary to single out the fact that 400 elevators were delivered to Russia for the last 3 years. As opposed to other companies ORONA's elevators are produced totally in Spain by skilled manpower, not in China or Korea what makes worse the future maintenance and the quality of assembly.

ORONA company has recently entered the Russian market, but its subsidiary companies occupied the leading positions by the sales volume in some regions.

ORONA's elevators are qualitative, contemporary, answer the engineering standards, they use new technologies in the sphere of energy conservation and security and have low level of noise.